Exp x500
Sp x500
Adena x1
Quests x1

Enhance rates

Enhance 0-6 100%
Enhance 7 75,67%
Enhance 8 74,67%
Enhance 9 74,29%
Enhance 10 72,50%
Enhance 11 71,12%
Enhance 12 70,00%
Enhance 13 59,10%
Enhance 14 45,34%
Enhance 15 5,70%
Enhance 16 0,77%
Enhance 17 0,65%
Enhance 18 0,59%
Enhance 19 0,36%
Enhance 20 0,00%

Don’t worry about the rates.There are rare scrolls in the game that have 10% more of the current enhance rate and an 100% enhanced rate scroll.


You can wear only S80 and below items in Olympiad games.Olympiad also enchants your items to +6.
Olympiad games are resetting every Sunday.


Buffs are retail like.You can get 28 buffs and 16 song/dance.
All buffs last for about 2 hours.

Custom Armours and weapon

We have legacy, titanium,oath and celestial armours
And as for weapon we have titanium weapons, epic weapon and heroic weapons.For better understanding check in game.

Custom Items

In our server you will find custom jewels, hats, agathions and cloaks.
All item have custom stats, active or passive skills.

Events and custom events

We use nexus event engine which means that we have TvT,CTF,Battle Fields etc.
Also every once in a while a game master starts custom events on his own.

The disciple’s necropolis is a farm zone for seal stones and low level life stones (Lvl 76)
In disciple’s necropolis you can find Anakim/Lilith depending on which team Dusk or Dawn has win the Seal of Avarice.Castle owners can’t join the Dusk team.Also you need to contribute seal stones in order to win.
Here’s a picture that will help you join and contribute.

For more info check in game, we hope to see you online.